Bitter Cup Baseball

By any measure, these former ballplayers have demonstrated a legacy and responsibility built on equity, loyalty and fair play.

Positive news:

Pre-1980 non-vested retirees started to receive their 2022 checks with the 15% increase.

Sources cited by New York Times have indicated that the stipend will increase by 15% for the next five years and is not guaranteed after that time. This increase is now $718.75 for every 43 days on an active roster, up to a maximum of $11,500 per year. This is pre-tax money for all eligible MLB retirees.

Most of the media ignores this story. Your voice, your socials and your talents can help spread the word.

The story is this: In the 1980 MLBPA CBA agreement, players from 1947-79, who were not vested, were cut of out receiving pension and benefits under the new agreement which significantly lowered service time requirements. It gets a little complicated from there; however, there are over 500 still alive who would have been pension eligible had they been on the roster for a single game after April 1, 1980. Both MLB and the MLBPA can correct this.

The Bitter Cup List Spreadsheet

Multiple tab spreadsheet covers More than 43 days of service, Less than 43 days of service and by team for non-vested pre-1980 MLB retirees.

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